Prioritizing Vulnerable Groups in HAGI’s Activities: Orphans and Widows

(HAGI) recognizes the unique challenges faced by vulnerable groups, particularly orphans and women who have lost their husbands, in conflict-affected communities. Therefore, HAGI actively prioritizes their inclusion and participation in all its activities, including the vegetable garden training program in Yirol East County

Why Orphans and Widows are Prioritized:

Increased Vulnerability: Orphans and widows often lack social and economic support networks, making them particularly vulnerable to food insecurity, malnutrition, and exploitation.

Specific Needs: Orphans require specialized care and education, while widows face additional challenges of managing households and livelihoods alone.

Empowerment Potential: Investing in orphans and widows can create a ripple effect, fostering self-reliance and contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

HAGI’s Approach to Inclusion:

Targeted Outreach: HAGI actively engages with community leaders and local organizations to identify and reach out to orphans and widows.

Specialized Support: Recognizing their specific needs, HAGI provides additional support, including:

Psycho-social support: Helping orphans and widows cope with the trauma and loss they have experienced.

Providing access to education and vocational training for orphans and widows. Empowering widows to start their own businesses and generate income.

Orphans and widows are actively involved in all stages of HAGI’s activities, from needs assessment and planning to implementation and evaluation.

HAGI as local organizations work closely with internation partner and community leaders to ensure that the needs of orphans and widows are met in a culturally sensitive and sustainable manner.

Examples of HAGI’s Actions:

HAGI provides scholarships to orphans to ensure they have access to education and can build a brighter future.

HAGI could organizes workshops for widows to learn skills such as sewing, soap making, and basic business management, empowering them to generate income and support their families.

HAGI creates dedicated spaces within the demo plot where orphans and widows can receive specialized support and resources.

Impact and Benefits:

Orphans and widows experience improved mental health, physical health, and economic security.

Increased resilience: They become more self-reliant and capable of coping with future challenges.

Reduced vulnerability: They become less susceptible to exploitation and abuse.

Strengthened communities: Orphans and widows contribute actively to the development of their communities.

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