Specific examples of the training’s impact

One beneficiary, a mother of five, said that the vegetable  has helped her to improve the nutrition of her children. She is now able to provide them with a variety of fresh vegetables, which was not possible before.

Another beneficiary, a young man, said that the vegetable garden is helping him to generate income. He sells surplus vegetables from his garden to the local market. This income is helping him to support his family and save for the future.

A group of women in the community have formed a cooperative to manage the vegetable garden. This cooperative has helped them to improve their skills and knowledge of vegetable gardening. It has also helped them to increase their income, as they are able to sell their vegetables at a higher price when they work together as a group. By providing them with the skills and knowledge they need, we can help them to become more self-sufficient and build a brighter future.

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